Booze Cruise Review Surfaces Online, Feelings are Hurt

We recently stumbled upon a blog post from a group who attended this year’s booze cruise and they had some interesting – if not unflattering – things to say about the event. I’m not entirely sure the point they were trying to convey here, or if they actually ended up having a good time. I’ll let you decide.

Let me take a poll: when someone tells you a classic rock cover band called Just the Tip is playing on a boat with an open bar, who do you envision as being actual members of the band? To us: middle-aged — maybe a little older — playing tunes from the 70s, maybe late 60s, early 80s, hair metal bands…the hits, right?

These are the members of Just the Tip: A bunch of frat boys playing “classics” like The Killers.

You can read the entire post here.

Apparently, the writer took umbrage with the fact that we billed ourselves as a classic rock cover band, yet we weren’t 50-year-old fat guys in Hawaiian t-shirts. First of all, we’ve never billed ourselves as strictly classic rock, especially not for the Booze Cruise. We do play a ton of classics (the article goes on to list about ten of them), which is one of the things that has separated us from a litany of other cover bands who solely play Top 40. But for this person to expect nothing but classic rock means we are either doing a horrible job marketing ourselves or he/she didn’t bother to look at a single page on our website.

Regarding our age and appearance, again, you only need to spend about 14 seconds on our website to get a glimpse of what we all look like. This shouldn’t be any secret – all we do is post pictures of ourselves in blatant acts of narcissism. That fact notwithstanding, it doesn’t seem entirely implausible to think there exists a cover band comprising six guys under 50 who enjoy playing some classic rock. This is New York, after all, and we pretty much have something for everyone around here. Last week I saw a homeless guy reading the NY Post while taking a shit in between two subway cars on the A train.

It’s easy to take offense to some of this, but I’ve long ago realized that people who aren’t inherently capable of being funny just fall back on being mean. It’s like when you go to a wedding and the Maid of Honor tries to throw in a few good-natured barbs about the bride, but she just ends up being horribly insulting and unfunny. You know she wasn’t trying to mean, she just wasn’t capable of making a good joke.

Lastly, to compare our crowd to the Jersey Shore scene immediately indicates that this person has never actually been to the Shore. You don’t see a whole lot of Nantucket Reds at DJ’s. Again, just being insulting due to a lack of wit. To quote our buddy Russo:

Jersey Shore crowd? There was more JCrew on that boat than you’ll find at most outlet malls. Mid-West tourists are worse than Euro tourists…

Now THAT is funny.

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