R.I.P The Tip Van, 2008-2011

Over the summer we had to finally say “goodbye” to our beloved Just the Tip Van due to a litany of mechanical ailments. We sure had some great memories in that thing, like the time it died on me and Chad leaving the shop where we bought it. Or the time it died in the Holland Tunnel and Eric almost got shot by the cops trying to get help. Or the time it died on me in the Holland Tunnel (again) two days before I called the wrecker to come get that PIECE OF SHIT VAN!!!

We actually got $250 cash for it and, considering we only paid $750 to begin with, I think that was a pretty good deal. Seeing as how the van would burn through a new truck battery every 4 months, and a quart of trans fluid a week, we decided it was in the best interest of the planet to put that thing down.

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