Another Reason to Forgo Late-Night Eats

There’s nothing worse than waking up after a night of partying and bearing witness to the massacre of late-night indulgence that took place in your kitchen the night before. It’s a shameful experience, like a dog that crapped on the carpet and wont look you in the face. And after the infamous Cheese Steak Incident of a few months prior, I thought we had gotten this under control at my apartment. Apparently I was wrong.

If you’ve ever wondered what a pizza looks like with an entire bottle of crushed red pepper dumped on top, I submit to you the following photos. And if you’re thinking that doesn’t look like much pepper, it’s because the rest of it is on the floor. Notice the trajectory of the pepper spray moves directly from right to left, missing a significant portion of the pizza before hitting the counter and ultimately the ground.

I bet it was delicious.

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