Monday Rehearsals are the Worst

By and large, Just the Tip attacks its rehearsal schedule with the same vigor and resolve as a DOT road construction crew. There’s always lots of standing around, ass scratching and leaving early. On Mondays, that general malaise is compounded by our collective misery and attempts to fend off the Boogeyman from the weekend past. Ryan has been good enough to give you all a little rundown of what you might encounter on a given Monday JTT rehearsal. And we wonder why Foster rarely shows up to practice.

For clarification, Ryan and Chad endearingly refer to Eric as “Butthead”.

6:30-6:45 Arriving and farting around, rehashing tales of the weekend.
6:45 Easy warm-up song
6:49-7:10 Inside Out rehearsing
7:10-7:12 Everyone bitching about how the song should end
7:12-7:31 1901 rehearsal and discussion
7:31-7:35 Farting around, debating if we can in fact pull of 1901.
7:35-7:36 Rehearse Toes
7:36-7:41 Stop rehearsing Toes because nobody listened to it.
7:41-7:43 Someone, probably Butthead, makes evening’s first "beat the rush joke," with a hint of seriousness, rest of band laughs
7:43-7:44 Bitching about Monday rehearsals and swearing to never book another
7:44-8:12 Work on other songs that need to be practiced.
8:12-8:19 Run 2 new songs back
8:19 Beat the rush
8:21 Next rehearsal is booked for a Monday in January. (Eric collects money, bitches about it, no one cares) – Todd gives a courteous “see ya Jeff” to the cashier.

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