Recapping the “Big Rich T Invitational”

The Rich T Invitational Golf Outing was once again a sweeping success, which of course means it was a total disaster. Drinking at a beer-a-hole pace in the 90 degree heat means that my father was thoroughly embarrassed for the 6th consecutive year. Considering that my memory of the day could be considered a slide show at best, I’ll complete this blog post via the majesty of the drunken cell-phone picture.


Forget about the farmer’s tan or even the watch tan – the sock tan is where it’s at!


This is what happens when you play golf in corduroy pants in August.


“And for my 14th encore, I’ll be performing ‘Mony Mony’ by Billy Idol…”


Knippy not only hogs the road, but hogs the damn microphone in Rock Band. Notice the mysteriously broken chair in the background.


Since driving a car was completely out of the question, late-night Rascal races were the next best thing

Anyone interested in joining the outing next year, let me know. All of the proceeds go to local charities.

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