The TIP is on Vacation

While every other cover band in the area is fighting for gigs at the Jersey Shore, the TIP has decided to spend this summer much like every other since its formation: not doing anything. I’m really starting to think that people just invite Todd to their weddings like they use extras in movies. “Uh, a couple people canceled and we need a few heads to fill up the right side of the church. You busy on the 14th?”

What does this mean for you, loyal Just the Tip fans? Nothing at all. Oh, except that our first public gig in about 4 months will be the 5th Annual Just the Tip Booze Cruise on September 25th, and by then we’ll be ready to light that freaking boat on fire! I’d talk more about the Booze Cruise here, but why waste what could clearly be a separate blog post? It’s all about quantity, people.

I’ve got a bunch of pics to post from the summer, so check back and leave some comments! Also, stay tuned for some acoustic gigs coming your way in North Jersey and Hoboken.


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