Why Do I Love Karaoke So Much?

I’ve now officially reached the point in my life where I can no longer consciously turn down an opportunity to sing karaoke. Eric also suffers from the same illness, as did Mad Dog before him. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t willfully seek out places hosting karaoke, but if I happen to stumble into a bar and see two chicks hacking their way through Love is a Battlefield, well then my name is going on that list faster than you can say Peter Cetera.

Such was the case when Eric and I happened upon the Carpe Diem Christmas party in Hoboken last week. Bob Seger and Bryan Adams were again the artists’ of choice. Eric also did a spot on I Saw Her Standing There by the Beatles, only to have some super-drunk regular sing the exact same tune 10 minutes later with no recollection that it had already been done. Amateurs. Yup, it went pretty much the same as the last time we did karaoke.

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