Booze Cruise Tickets Are On Sale Right… NOW!!

Matt Peters is The Official Mustache of the Just the Tip Booze Cruise

There’s only two things I can think of that consistently get better with age: The Just the Tip Booze Cruise and Diane Lane. She really looks damn good. I mean she’s almost 50 for shit’s sake. Anyway, everyone keep it their pants, we’ve got a Booze Cruise to discuss here. This is year number SIX for us, which in Just the Tip years is somewhere around 75. Poor Eric already has an ulcer the size of a casaba melon just from arguing with Fighty every other day.

Alright I’m losing focus in a hurry over here so why don’t you check out our BOOZE CRUISE PAGE to get all the important details. Tickets are $52 via PayPal and includes the usual open bar deal. The after party is at MJ Armstrong’s, same as always. Tickets will go fast so get yours soon!

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