The Tip Tonight at Arlene’s Grocery


The Tip will be in action tonight at Arlene’s Grocery, though you wouldn’t know it by visiting the site. Ah yes, JTT will be hitting the stage for an unprecedented 11PM Tuesday night show. Don’t judge us, the giant purple van insurance doesn’t pay itself and let’s face it, the thing ain’t exactly in ship shape so premiums are high. Somehow the Tip has been asked to close down an industry event featuring “up and coming” artists, whatever that means. Not sure how this one came to pass but nevertheless we’ll show up and rock cause hey, that’s what we do. For those of you with straight jobs that don’t party on Tuesday, fear not. There is a slight chance that the show will be webcast online HERE. There are some pretty good bands playing before us so if you can brave the weather come check it out. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing Band of Thieves. I hope to see a few of you there this evening but understand if you have prior commitments like supposedly loyal fan Ben Wolfert who’s excuse is as follows…

“I am going to the –ehem—-ballet—-ehem—- with my mom this evening, and that usually lets out at about 11:15/11:30”

We will be contacting all of you individually so have a good excuse cause it may end up on this blog.

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