Eric Hearts Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

My well-documented love for Nick Cage and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movies has long obscured Eric’s unbridled passion for all things Schwarzenegger. He watches Predator on AMC at least twice per week and washes that down with a steady viewing diet of The Running Man and Kindergarten Cop. Last year, he nearly ruined the Superbowl because he kept switching over to Commando during the commercial breaks.


Personally, I could never get passed Arnold’s ridiculous Austrian accent. Were the Terminators all manufactured in Austria? I don’t feel like this was ever properly addressed throughout the series. The fact that Arnold has been acting since the early 70’s and still can’t say the word “California” is beyond disappointing.

UPDATE: I spoke with Eric just a minute ago and he was kind enough to rattle off his Top 5 Schwarzenegger flicks for the TIP Blog:

1. Batman & Robin
2. The Eraser
3. Collateral Damage
4. Twins
5. The 6th Day

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